With all the collected data The Lift Data Company can provide

Benchmarks on locations and type of elevators
Real-time data on the number of elevator movements and recognize patterns
Real-time insight in performed or non-performed maintenance
Real-time insight in any enclosures (the owner can also get a special signal)
Real time insight into the duration of the malfunctions
Insight into disturbances caused by vandalism
Real-time insight into the presence of a maintenance engineer
Automatic comparison of real time data with agreed KPI’s
Predict which parts will be soon defective (predictive maintenance based on big data)

The customer portal
of the Lift Data Company

Provides an overview of all available elevators, type of elevators, location, installation date, latest maintenance round, etc.
Give insight into multiannual overall planning and by elevator
Gives insight in current agreements and KPI’s
Has a navigation function for engineers and supervisors using Google Maps
Show comprehensive management reports at any time