The customer portal of the Lift Data Company

The software has an extended authorization structure for involved employees and is compatible with software like Microsoft Navision.

Our team of developers and big data specialists will continuously improve the software and provide the best data we can. We have a special hardware department which is using the best available combination of sensors to provide the information from the lift to the portal. In the future we expect to provide much more data and insights to the real estate owners. We are in close contact with researchers from different technology providers and we will pick the best available sensor technology for use in the elevators were we work for. Real time data is the key between good maintenance and safety; real estate owners can show transparently in the case of an accident there was no overdue maintenance.

Elevator Defects and Malfunction

Elevators are subject to defects or malfunction in the following ways, many of which can be dangerous and even fatal to users:

Pulley system malfunction, or a mechanical breakdown or defect causing an evevator to drop rapidly within the shaft
Open shaft, or the risk of fall due to faulty doors or other failures to protect passengers from entry
Faulty wiring, elevator control malfunction, or a risk of electrocution

Incomplete repairs, maintenance, or inspections by unqualified personnel
Unbalanced leveling and the failure of the elevator to line up with the floor
Wiring malfunction or entrapment due to the heat from fire or water from emergency sprinklers or hoses

Overview of the Portal