Facts about lifts including accidents

Some of us have a horrible fear of getting into an elevator. What if it crashes or gets stuck between floors? We cling to the railing inside the small box while the other people inside seem oblivious to the dangers around them.

We can’t talk about the fear of being inside an elevator because there are always those people who will scoff at the notion. “Nothing bad can happen,” they say. But history shows us otherwise. Elevators can come crashing down. Cables do break. People get smooshed between floors. Accidents do happen.

Some historical facts

January 2017 in the Netherlands causing 1 death and 1 heavily injured. Two persons wants to go upstairs with a person/freight elevator in an office with 20 levels. During the ride the elevator made an uncontrolled upward movement which caused the elevator to crash into the shaft ceiling. This caused 1 death and one heavily injured. The cause of the accident is still unknown and still under investigation by the inspection and forensic police. The lift data company can help to prevents such accidents by providing real time data of important parts of the elevator as well as predictive maintenance.

April 2016 in the Netherlands causing one child injured on his hands. The elevator was equipped with (Folding) doors of glass. When the elevator stopped the child was holding his hands on the glass door. This caused that his arm was disappearing between the elevator (folding) doors. The child had less injuries. It could be very worse when he was alone in the elevator. The lift data company cab help by monitoring if the doors are not bend. Therefore there is no room for injuries.

August 2014 in the Netherlands causing one man injured. There was an uncontrolled vertical shaft door. This door came down and injured a man. The inspection does not specifically know what caused the accident. Probably it was a broken ax, chain or pen. In future The Lift Data Company can predict maintenance to avoid such accidents.