The Lift Data Company

is a startup from Twente region -based at Kennispark Twente- which uses big data, internet of things and artificial intelligence to provide real estate owners and housing corporations management information and real-time insights in elevator movements. The goal of The Lift Data Company is to increase safety, increase transparency and decrease maintenance costs.


Nowadays maintenance agreements in different industries are based on usage (like the 30,000 km interval in the auto industry), but this is still not common in the worldwide lift industry. The Lift Data Company expects a change in the coming years from old-fashioned all-in agreements to maintenance agreements which are based on actual use. The benefits for real estate owners is that they finally can see if they get what they pay for.

The first elevator for passengers in buildings is dated from 1857, but accidents are still occurring every day. With the right information The Lift Data Company hopes the number of accidents will decrease.

Every year in the US and Europe on average 20,000 elevator accidents.

50 deaths as a result of an elevator accident.

The Lift Data Company portal delivers all information in a clear dashboard

The Lift Data Company takes the owner as a starting point. All relevant information is easy to view by a simple dashboard and all possible zoom-in functionality is available.

It is even possible to make automatically calculations according the performance of the lift maintenance company. Key Performance Indicators can be easily tracked, which will led to cost savings and/or a better performance.

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